Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Two Heads Are Better Than One

Today, Phil one of our SAs, started installing second monitors for everyone on my team - they will all officially have dual head setups.

Previously, I was stuck in the mindset that the monitors would be too expensive and the video cards would be hard to come by to make this a worthwhile venture. But of course, that's just dated thinking. A flat panel 19" LCD is like $200, and the cards simply weren't a big deal. Even Windows XP comes through, offering multiple monitor support with its standard configuration.

Though I have to confess, I just asked to make the monitors happen and the IT guys came through with the goods. I still have no idea how they chose the video cards they did.

Hey, I'm a software guy.

If you aren't dual headed, you should really consider upgrading. It's just not that big a deal and should make for a much more efficient setup.


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