Sunday, February 04, 2007

101 Things To Do With A Mobile Phone In Healthcare

This one's for my brother Josh - here's a report that identifies 101 things to do with a mobile phone in healthcare. The report actually costs money to download and view, though you can get a hold of the table of contents.

The table of contents actually outlines all the topics. Some that seemed interesting to me were...

  • Allergy Alert Services For Asthmatics
  • Support For The Deaf
  • ePrescribing
  • Peer Support For Patients
  • Patient Location
  • Personalized Diagnosis

And lots more. The fact that most patients in a hospital are wandering around with a network connected computer in their pocket or purses, seems like a huge opportunity. While I'm sure some of the ideas need fancy schmancy phones to be implemented, others probably require nothing more than simple SMS.

So, Josh, what are you waiting for? We need more phones in the E.R.

Via: Textually

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