Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Anti Valentine's Day

Shira has always despised Valentine's Day - this whole notion that you should show your love for a single day is just ridiculous. And it turns out, she's not alone.

This, of course presents a challenge for me - as I can't do the usual Valentine's Day stuff. So, I've done things like have flowers delivered to her the day before, or after Valentine's Day.

This year, I learned I can take these sentiments and send them digitally. I can just send her an Anti Valentine's Day E-Card (careful, there's some R-rated language on this page).

For a full rant against Valentine's Day, check out this blog post. Careful though, there's more R-rated language here too.


  1. it's hard to believe but even the anti-valentine's sites infected with the ready-made disease...

    being romantic is more about being creative..
    want a cool e-card for Shira? (even anti-valentine e-card)
    you can choose an avatar and make it say whatever you want.. LOL

  2. Ral, thanks for the tip!