Wednesday, February 21, 2007

The Secret Diary Of Steve Jobs

I'm not usually an Apple or Steve Jobs fan, but this site was too hilarious to pass up.

Finally, you can get the true scoop on Steve Jobs. Read all about how Bill Gates plans to buy up $100 laptops from developing countries in an effort to mess up the OLPC project, or how Steve fired the lead engineer on the iPhone project for not making the circuit board look prettier. You can get all this, and lots more fake (and really funny) information at the fake diary of Steve Jobs.

Here's a sample:

Well the engineers want to kill me but you know what, I know how to design products. And I'm sorry, this circuit board for the iPhone is just way too friggin ugly. There's no balance. You've got this long skinny piece on the left and then nothing on the right to balance it out.


One guy goes to the white board and starts trying to give me a lesson in how electric current flows through a circuit. I'm standing there, just shaking with rage, and I'm like, Excuse me, but please put down that marker and then go to your desk and fire yourself. Okay? Thank you. No, I'm serious.

It's kind of a version of The Onion for geeks. Terrific stuff.

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