Wednesday, February 28, 2007

It's About Time

Heads up - March 11th is coming! That's the new date for the daylight savings time switchover. The DST switchover is the new Y2K, only without the sexy acronym.

Seriously, if you want your boxes to behave right on March 11th you should probably do something about it.

If you happen to run Fedora Linux, you can probably get away with doing:

  # Check your system
  zdump -v EST5EDT | grep 2007

  # Patch it.
  yum update tzdata

  # Confirm it worked
  zdump -v EST5EDT | grep 2007

If you are running Java, you should check out Sun's recommendations. They even put together a tiny little app to fix the timezone data, found here.

Update: Nick pointed me to this useful site: It's got all sorts of info about the DST switcharoo. Thanks Nick!

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  1. Also for other systems and hardware (including PDA and stuff) check

    They have a list of most vendors and links to many of the patches and documentation. They don't list anything for the Sidekick, but they do list Blackberry, don't forget to check if the Pearl is DST ready. They just released the patches for Palm PDAs last week.