Monday, February 12, 2007

Bloodwork Results

I just got back from the doctor - my bloodwork was given a passing grade. The doctor did warn me my good cholesterol was a bit low and my bad cholesterol was a bit high, but my overall score was fine.

She explained I should lay off the cheeseburgers every day and mix in some fish. I explained that won't be a problem. Consider them banished from my diet.

Overall, she has no idea why I am getting headaches. But the good news is, the fact that two Advil makes them go away is enough evidence for her that I've got nothing too serious wrong with me. That makes me a bit happy.



  1. I blame the "hot dog roller thingy" :)

  2. Funny you should mention hot dogs...

    When I was talking diet with the doctor I mentioned that we enjoy eating hot dogs.

    She explained to me that after she read a study that said that eating 20 hot dogs a day can cause cancer, she's stopped eating hot dogs altogether.

    I suggested that maybe if she limited her intake to somewhere safely under 20 a day, she'd be OK. But she wouldn't hear it.

    I guess, better safe than sorry.