Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Ben vs. Shira's Acura

Recently, Shira noticed that her windshield wiper spritzer cleaner thingy stopped working. As a last resort, before taking it into the dealer, she asked me to look into the problem. Incidentally, once I started to investigate she realized this was a terrible idea and tried to get me to stop. Too bad, once I start on a task, I'm pretty hard to stop.

The first thing I did was to refill the windshield wiper fluid reservoir, figuring that would be the most obvious solution.

No luck. No matter how many times I pulled on the control in the driver's console area, no fluid shooteth forth. The windshield wipers worked fine, though, thankfully.

Plan B. was to pop the hood and check for some obvious problem. That went about as well as expected. I popped the hood, looked underneath, and there was nothing obvious wrong. Yeah, I have no idea what I planned to accomplish with Plan B.

Then it hit me - maybe it's a fuse?! In the last 9 years of owning a vehicles, to my knowledge the problem has never been as simple as a fuse. But, hey, there's a first time for everything.

Sure enough, after checking the manual to figure out where the fuses were, and figuring out which one is which, I found the one I needed to check. And sure enough, it was bad! What do you know, the $1.00 fuse blew instead of the motor? Huh, I'm impressed.

So, while I may not win the war against Shira's Acura, I think I can safely say I won this battle.

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