Thursday, February 15, 2007

Barack Videos

So, It's official, Barack Obama has announced he's running for President. Of all the candidates out there, he's the one I'm currently most impressed with.

First, I have to admit I like the image he projects: smart, humble and a regular guy. He's also a terrific speaker, which doesn't hurt. But what I like the most is his background in grass roots politics. I like my democracy like I like my software - built from the bottom up.

So, in an attempt to learn more about Barack, I browsed through a few pages worth of videos on YouTube to see if I could find anything of interest.

Here's what I came up with. I tried to skip over the canned stuff that you'd expect to see. Watching them only made me want to vote for the guy more.

Barack on an issue that divides our country

Barack on Habeas Corpus

Barack talking to Conan O'Brien

Barack on the Audacity of Hope

Barack's first media controversy

Fox runs a report claiming Barack went to a fundamentalist Muslim school as a kid. Then CNN comes along and shows that those reports are completely wrong. Shame on you FOX for running this garbage. Everybody loses when you guys don't do your job.

Barack as the subject of a Mac vs. Windows parody

Barack on Katrina

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