Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Day 3: Getting Lost

I spent the majority of today working. When I was done reviewing code (that's right, the team gets no rest from me just because I'm in England), I had about an hour and a half to wonder around.

I asked the concierge where I could go jewelry shopping for you know who. He suggested I go a few blocks away to Convent Gardens Market, where I would find all sorts of stores. The advice turned out to be good from the perspective of finding a new part of London to explore. It was bad from the perspective of actually buying jewelry, as there were only two nebbish jewelry stores there (where's my UK version of Jared's when I need it?).

While there, I grabbed a bite to eat. My "sidedish" was a piece of fruit. This brings us to today's quiz: what type of fruit is pictured below?.

If you guessed apple, I think you'd be right. It tasted like an apple anyway.

I exhausted the shopping and still had plenty of time to make it back to the 3 blocks back to the hotel to meet Shira. I thought I might just wander back to the hotel using - don't laugh - my own sense of direction. What an absolute joke. I walked for a bit, then checked the map and realized I was nowhere near where I thought I was. I then pointed myself in the correct direction, and walked a bit more. Looked at the map and realized I was farther off course. I did this a few times, till finally, I took out the map and walked around like a Boy Scount working on his Orienteering Merit Badge. I made it back to the hotel with minutes to spare.

The street layout here makes Washington DC look like a organized. I suppose it's London's age that make it so that the streets twist and turn, with random dead ends here or there. If I could ever get over this driving on the left business, I'd still opt of driving in London just because of the nasty traffic patterns.

On the plus side, the nice thing about getting lost in London is that there's something historic to see around every corner. For example, I found both the Freemasons Hall and the "oldest licensed premises in London" all without trying. Today I plan to do more sightseeing and less work. We'll see how that works out.

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