Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Pearl Harbor - a must see

Since Ben and I went to Pearl Harbor on a Hawaii vacation several years ago, I didn't feel it was necessary to take photos. However, I then realized that first of all, this wasn't about pictures about Pearl Harbor, it was about being able to share my trip with Grandma, and, Ben did not have his blog back then, so at least these would not be duplicates. Also, I got to go on a tour that was more in depth than the regular "touristy" Pearl Harbor tour, so it included sites that not everyone got to see. So, I was convinced to take photos, and even to begrudgingly blog them! We started our tour at the Boathouse of the Commander in Chief of the Pacific Fleet. This is his boat. The one we took on our tour wasn't quite as nice. We got to see "The Forgotten Memorial." It is called this, because most visitors to Pearl Harbor see the memorial to the U.S.S. Arizona. The U.S.S. Utah Memorial is on an island which is an active military institution, and thus not readily accessible to members of the public. We were able to see it from the water. Here is the memorial. You can see the ship remains where it sunk. There is a tower featured in the movie Pearl Harbor starring Ben Affleck, where he fearlessly fights the Japanese. It makes for good Hollywood, but this tower actually was not built until the 1950's. Oh well. And here is the U.S.S. Arizona memorial, complete with rainbow, for our arrival. And, finally, me, aboard the U.S.S. Arizona Memorial, with the U.S.S. Missouri in the background.

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