Saturday, October 20, 2007

A Party To Die For

Ryan and Erin put on an awesome murder mystery and Halloween party tonight.

Pictured here is the victim that kicked off the night's mystery - Shira with a gunshot wound (oozing ketchup, no less). My team (go Rob and Julie!) worked tirelessly to figure out who killed Shira and why. We figured it out, but were a few minutes late in submitting our guess, and lost out to another team.

Next year I'm bringing a whiteboard. How can you solve a murder mystery without a whiteboard?

Between the jet lag and waiting to the last minute, I didn't come up with a costume and went as myself. As expected, others did and they looked great. On the bright side, I now have plenty of ideas for other parties this season.

Ryan and Erin definitely set the bar nice and high for Halloween parties. What fun!


Update: Gareth also has coverage of the party. He and Teresa actually dressed up in costume, and looked really good. That's inspirational for me, next year.

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