Tuesday, October 23, 2007

A picture is worth 1000 signs

We must be getting close to a local election, as my route to work is choked with signs highlighting candidates names.

This year, I've notice two changes to the usual smattering of signage. First, a few candidates have super-sized their signs, deploying mini-billboards instead of the usual smallish versions. This doesn't do much for me.

The second arrival I think is more impressive. If you look at the first photo, next to the big sign is a smaller one with a red trapezoid like shape on it. This red shape is actually a graph. It shows how much taxes have gone up during the "Connelly Years."

I have no idea who Connelly is, but I'm pretty sure taxes went up during his/her term.

I find this remarkable because all the other signs I've seen want to stress simple name recognition. This sign, on the other hand, wants to tell me a story - one that I can read an appreciate driving by at 30Mph - no less. And it works.

The lesson: pictures matter, stories matter, and one should use them. And when I run for office, I'm so hiring the guy who did this signage.


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