Friday, November 09, 2007

Damn Small Linux and Wireless Network Card Config

I wanted to free my Instant Linux Setup from using Ethernet cables, and go wireless. The laptop I was using was old enough that it didn't have wireless built in, yet I found an old SMC card from back in the day (will the gifts of Amazing Media never cease?). I crammed the SMC card in the PCMCIA slot and I heard that joyous monotone beep that means that the laptop detected it. That was a good start. But then what

After poking around, I learned I needed to use the iwconfig utility to set up the card. I finally reduced the steps to get the network up to:

  iwconfig essid ssid-I-had-set-on-my-router
  iwconfig key s:text-key-I-had-set-on-my-router

If this were a real Linux system, I'd probably have to store these values somewhere. But because I'm using Damn Small Linux on CD, I think I'll just re-enter these commands every time.

It's a crude solution, but it's working.

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