Sunday, November 18, 2007


I so crushed this latest batch of nuts with this handy, dandy new nut-cracker.

That'll teach my food to fight back.


Update: I got a Rated-G picture of the new nut cracker. Here's a question: the nut cracker comes with two meta probe thingies. What they heck are they used for? I feel like Stallone in Demolition Man, with the three seashells.


  1. Those probe thingies are for
    poking through the retrieved
    nuts to make sure there are no
    weapons of mass destruction hidden
    inside the nut pieces. It's now
    a federal offense to sell nut
    crackers without the probe thingies.

    Actually, I always wondered the same...

  2. Got to be honest, I'm totally satisfied with that answer.

    Thanks Brian!