Monday, November 12, 2007

An I2X News Feed - Keeping Up With Ideas2Executables

Curious about what's up with my new full time job and adventure, Ideas2Executables? You can now track all the goings on here.

Yes, it's a Twitter feed, and yes, I had a fairly bad experience last time I attempted to make Twitter a part of my life. But this time it's different - I promise. I'm going to be using it as a sort of headline publication service. It will be more of a Just launched XXX, check it out than a Just ate lunch. Going back to work feed.

Twitter provides a few key advantages over other publication options: (1) the updates are fast to read, so following along is easy. (2) the 140 character limit forces me to be brief and only put the key information online. (3) Publishing a twitter stream is easy, which means that I can plaster my news wherever I want to (on our website, on the blog, in this article, etc.). And finally (4), if folks do want to follow along via IM, SMS, RSS or any other format, they can.

This is officially my PR stream - so, keep an eye on it for the whole scoop on i2x.

Here's a snapshot of the latest feed:

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