Sunday, November 11, 2007

Farewell Photos

What a day last Friday was, with me leaving Innovectra and all. As you'll see from the photos, it was a really emotional day.

We had our traditional go-away lunch:

The team even presented me a signed mug (they even went through the effort of markering out the PNC Bank logo that was on the freebie mug they used):

Here's a parting shot of me giving a whiteboard a hug. Sure, I'll miss the team - but boy, will I miss all those whiteboards. Sometimes, up to 3 in an office...ahhh, good times.

Then I left the building. I knew the team would be going through a difficult time, what with the leadership deficit I left them with. I just hoped they would find a way to cope with this loss.

Then Beamer sent me some photos from after I left...

I do believe that is was my team, literally jumping for joy that they won't have to deal with my code reviews. Maybe me leaving wasn't all bad for them.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, they're going to do great. I never had a doubt.


  1. Well, I really loved your code reviews. May be I did not have chance to get those more then enough ;]

  2. Code Reviews are like all nighters in college - more fun to talk about having done, than actually doing ;-).

    But, at least someone didn't mind...