Friday, November 23, 2007

Thanksgiving Extravaganza

Wow, what a fantastic Thanksgiving event. Shira's cousins' hosted and totally outdid themselves with amazing company, food, drink and of course, dessert. Everything was incredibly tasty with way more vegetarian options than one should expect.

What an incredible treat to spend thanksgiving with friends and family. Just makes me appreciate I have so much to be thankful for.

Here are some photos from the evening...

The drive up to Baltimore couldn't have been more beautiful - and we had record breaking temperatures of 76 degrees. What an awesome way to start Thanksgiving.

The bird getting cooked - nothing says Thanksgiving like having to bust out the meat thermometer.

The gang about to dig in and eat. What follows was the joyous silence of folks tucking into delicious food. Can't talk...So much to eat.

It just wouldn't be Thanksgiving if someone didn't bust out the canned cranberry "sauce." Yes, you could see the ridges of the can on the cranberries - that's how you know it's good. (There were also home made cranberries, and about 14 other dishes too...).

Not only were the adults all musically inclined, but so were the children! Take a close look at the scene. Not only is the kid playing the piano, but he's following music that he composed by ear. I'm so humbled. When asked about my connection to music, I responded that I did indeed have an XM subscription. (Ooh, should have mentioned my country music channel).

How do we explain that next year, if we host, we'll be serving hot dogs and not turkey?

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