Saturday, November 17, 2007

Idea: Saturday Night Bot

Here's what I need: an AIM bot like the AOLYellowPages, but one that knows about local events. Specifically, one I can ask the question: it's 9:30pm on a Saturday night, what activity should I do?

It could report on any activity that would be going on in my local area. Because it's an AIM bot, I could have a conversation with it, and dig deeper into topics.

I could have a conversation like so:

 Me  >> Yo
 Bot >> Hey, here are some things you can do tonight: movies (1), 
              concerts (2), fun places to hang (3), more (4)

 Me  >> 3
 Bot >> You could: check out DC memorials at night (1), hit the just opened    
              Club Foo (2), Play a game of pool at Carpool (3), or something else (4)

 Me  >> 1
 Bot >> Check out the Einstein memorial. It's a hidden gem in the city. Cool?

Of course, I have no idea where I'd get the local data - but that's just a minor implementation detail. Heck, as long as I'm wishing for advice bots, I might as well wish for a MarriageAdviceBot. Of course, that one would be trivial to implement, regardless of what you typed into it, you'd get: Face it, you're wrong. Apologize and buy something at Jared for her today, you yutz..

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