Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Leveraging The iGoogle Start Page

Over these last few days, I've really started to leverage my iGoogle start page. In the past, I had more or less a standard page with news, quotes and of course Dilbert. Fun, but hardly what I'd call useful. In fact, considering how often I'm opening Google to do work, it's probably more of a distraction to have all that content than a help.

I've just started to realize that I can actually turn my Google start page into a control panel, where I can get a birds eye view of my life. Specifically, I'm playing around with:

  • Embedding Gmail for a quick view of my inbox
  • Making use of Slim RSS to track forums where i2x jobs are posted
  • Making use of Slim RSS to display the upcoming events from specific Google calendars (using the very cool private RSS feed ability)
  • Showing a simple world clock so I can keep track of meeting times with folks in other timezones
  • Embedding Google Calendar so I can get a quick view of my upcoming agenda
  • And of course, I still have Dilbert on the page. Hey, a little distraction is good at times.

What are you favorite widgets on your start page? Did I miss any especially good ones?

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