Sunday, November 11, 2007

A Google Spreadsheet Running Journal

Now that my schedule is a bit more flexible, I'm hoping I can be more regular about my running. To help me do this, and give me a chance to dabble with my new found spreadsheet skills, I've created a Google Spreadsheet based Running Journal.

Some features I got to practice with while creating the spreadsheet include:

  • More fun with vlookup and countif - I'm becoming a pro at these
  • Date math combined with countif. This allows me to count only my miles for the given week or month
  • Embedding a URL in a cell, which provides 1 button access to it
  • Making use of if(isblank(...),...,...) so I can pre-copy formulas ahead of time and not have them give errors
  • The ability to publish the spreadsheet on an arbitrary web page

If nothing else, this spreadsheet can hopefully serve as a more real example of what you can do with Google Spreadsheets.

Here's what it looks like:

When I have more data in the spreadsheet, I think I'll try playing with graphs.

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