Friday, December 28, 2007

Country Music - Evolving With The Times

Country music loves break up songs. But what I find impressive is how the songs have evolved as the technology has too. Instead of just singing about hanging out in bars nursing a beer, they've gotten more advanced. Check out the lyrics from Terry Ray Thomas' I'd Email You Honey.

The day that you left was a turning point for me
I really didn’t know just how lonesome I could be
Then a friend of mine told me to buy a PC
Get a high-speed connection a nineteen-inch LCD
I sold all your things on EBAY, for a dollar ninety nine
I found a girl with a video camera, who just about blew my mind
I joined some dating clubs and told them all my story
Now there’s twenty-seven women who are a perfect match for me

Not that I need a break up song, mind you, but it sure makes for some fun listening.

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