Saturday, December 15, 2007

A Trip To the Mall

We just found the very best way to see Washington's monuments is at night ... in the freezing rain. We stumbled across the fabled George Mason monument on our way to a monument dedicated to some Jefferson character. Mason's eyes have seen better days, but you can sit a spell next to him without the park police hassling you. Parking was plentiful, and surprisingly, we didn't get arrested for suspicious behavior. After all, we were traipsing around taking photos of our national monuments - exactly what the terrorists would do.

Great seeing Elizabeth and getting the gang back to together. We vow to run in the morning, though, that may or may not actually happen.

Update: For the record, we did run today! 18 miles. OK, not exactly - it was more like 3 ½ - but hey, that still counts, right?

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