Friday, December 07, 2007

Setting Your Default Browser in XP

To help push me to use IE even more, I thought I'd do the unthinkable: set it to be my default browser.

This was surprisingly difficult to do - I would never had guessed that the steps were:

  1. Open up Control Panels
  2. Click on Add or Remove Programs (yeah, what's that all about?)
  3. Choose Set Program Access And Defaults (again, why is this here?)
  4. Choose the Custom tab
  5. And set the Default Web Browser

How random is that? Years I've been using Windows, and I never knew to look here for any useful settings.


  1. An easier method would be to go under Tools, Options and then click on the "Programs" tab. There is a button which you can click to make IE your default browser.

    This is for IE7, but I assume it works similarly for previous versions.

  2. *Much Nicer* -- thanks for the tip.