Monday, December 03, 2007

Visiting Clients

I got to thoroughly test our GPS today, as I visited two clients in DC. The nüvi did well, re-calculating the route as I took wrong turn after wrong turn.

I also drove out to Tysons, and the nüvi did a less than stellar job of routing by restaurant. It couldn't find Penara the restaurant that I incorrectly spelled as Penera (d'oh!) and finding a near by location wasn't easy either, though some of it is me just getting used to the new UI. We'll see if I continue to have issues with routing by POI.

No, I didn't have to visit a client at the Capitol, but I did get to drive close by. I'm not a huge fan of GW, but i2x is strictly non-partisan - if he has an idea, I'm glad to implement it.


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