Saturday, December 22, 2007

Our Body: The Universe Within Exhibit

I just finished going through the Our Body: The Universe Within Exhibit at the Science Museum in Rochester. Our Body is the exhibit which consists entirely of real bodies dissected and presented in various ways.

I'm still processing the exhibit, but I'll say:

1. I was impressed that they didn't dumb things down at all. They showed skeletons, organs, etc. and a brief description in technical terms. While some explanation was presented, the bodies did most of the talking, if you will.

2. The trend these days seems to have exhibits with lots of activities, flashing lights, movies and other extras. Bodies was just bodies. I think this singular approach was more powerful than lots of extras.

3. The running history of how the study anatomy evolved was a nice bonus. Again, this was simply, and cleanly done.

I think I liked it. But, like I said, I'm still processing.

Here's a fun fact I learned from another exhibit in the museum: The Rochester area* is the snowiest populated region this side of the Rockies. But I guess I knew that already.

* Not sure how this "region" is defined


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