Wednesday, May 21, 2008 - A Discount Hosting Recommendation

Lately, when my clients have been asking me where they should host their smaller web apps, I've been sending them to


  • Their shared hosting includes: MySQL 5.0, PHP 5 and Postgres. I've found Postgres to often be missing from discount hosting services.
  • The service is dirt cheap - for about $47.00, you can get a year's worth of hosting. My clients love that their monthly fee for hosting their application is $3.95.
  • The response to questions / issues has always been fast. On more than one occasion, I've needed to open up a ticket with them, and they got back to me in a totally reasonable amount of time. I even used their Live Help to ask about a policy question (can I move my server from MySQL 4.x to 5.x) - and got my question answered that way too.
  • They offer a near instant installation of WordPress, if you need it. True, WordPress is pretty dang easy to install - but why bother with having to FTP all the files, and create the database, when you can just use their fast setup?

The highly discounted price won't work for everyone - as they limit you to a single database. However, for about $8.00 month, you get unlimited databases, shell access and lots of other goodies - which probably covers the bases for most small web apps and websites.

I have yet to try them out for a bigger app that requires either full server access or multiple servers, so I can't vouch for that sort of configuration. But for smaller apps, I find that my clients are quite satisfied with them.

Thanks to Jason, of TextCall fame, for searching them out and using them as his hosting provider.


  1. Anonymous10:42 AM

    I have been a fan of for a while...
    But as you pointed out, no postgresql. But you can get shell access to debug your pesky python scripts at the command line.

  2. Thanks for the recommendation Ben.

    I've heard Hostgator's named tossed about, glad they are working well for you.