Friday, May 16, 2008

Short Gadget Memory

I was browsing through back issues of wired, and came across this
classic November 05 cover. The banner reads:

"You call this the phone of the future? Inside the quest to build the
ultimate music phone and why Apple fell short?"

The article talks about the Rockr - Apple's first pass at an iPod +

I think there are some great lessons from this:

- Even Apple can produce crap

- No company is guaranteed success - just because they revplutionized
the mobile music world, didn't give them a free ride in the phone

- Just because your first product was a flop isn't an excuse to not try

- People have incredibly short memories - with all the iPhone hype, was
the Rockr even mentioned?

- When you screw up, at least learn from your mistakes. I'd say Apple

Hard to believe they went from that headline to essentially
revolutionizing the mobile platform.


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