Thursday, May 01, 2008

Running Santity Hack

For me, running is more about problem solving than it is about exercise. The problem is, the more fatigued I get, and the more excited I am about the solution I've got in my head, the more likely my thinking process starts turning into a verbal one. By the end of my run, I'm carrying on a full blown debate match with myself.

This simply can't look good.

And on today's run, I came up with the hack to fix it.

Next time I go for a long run, I'll simply put in an old hands free headphone for my cell phone. I'll just tuck the end of the wire into my shorts.

Now, when I'm running down the street people will think: "Man, look how efficient he is, multi tasking as he runs" instead of "Man, that guy is nuts."

See, an idea this clever had to take a run to find.

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