Monday, May 12, 2008

6 Month Checkup

It's hard to believe that just a short six months ago today, I started doing Ideas2Executables full time.

Wow, what an absolute adventure it's been.

Before I started, I made a mental list of reasons why doing i2x was a no brainer:

  • I'd get to work with a wide variety of technology - check. I've done web apps, desktop apps, and just recently a telephony app. I've become vastly more comfortable with CSS, WordPress, PHP, MySQL, Postgres and quite a few others. From a learning perspective, there's nothing like jumping into the deep end.
  • I'd get to work with a wide variety of people - check. This has been more fun than I could have imagined. Every day I get to talk to people who are passionate about small business and their next big idea. In just 6 months I've written software in the following topics: Technology News, Telecom, First Responders, Travel, Small Business, Executive Coaching, Advertising, Gambling, Sports, Real Estate, Dating, Watches, Consumer Advocacy, Mobile Phones, Education and Language Translation.
  • I'd be a financial fool not to start my own business - Uh, what the heck was I thinking here? Never again will I take for granted the notion that a pay check just shows up in my account regardless of, well, of pretty much anything. It's the sweetest deal known to man. If you have it, cherish it. Sure, you can do OK financially - but I was an idiot for thinking it was going to be even remotely easy.
  • I'd have more free time - and what the heck was I thinking here? Seriously. I wish I had written down the math for this one. I love ideas2executables - and I better. When you own a small business, it becomes pretty much everything you talk and think about.
  • Shira will help out here and there - Boy, did I underestimate this one. Shira's financial skills have been beyond essential. If I don't have her sending out and tracking invoices, and 1000 other financial matters (I think we sent off business taxes? Maybe?) I don't have a business. This is definitely a two person gig. I'd be lost without her.

Overall, this has been awesome. At least once a day I turn to Shira and say - "please don't make me get a real job!"

So, if all goes to plan, there'll be many, many, many months more of Ideas2Executables to come. Thanks so very much to my customers who made this happen. Without you guys, I'd have a commute and no doubt a job that requires I get out of my pajamas.

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