Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Marketing Hack - Getting The Word Out With Evite

I just got an Evite to Arrow Bicycle's Grand Opening. While it came from a friend of mine, it was clearly advertising a business and not some weekend shindig. Inn this case, my friend is buddies with the store owners, and so she's helping them to spread the word.

My first thought was, of course, what an interesting guerrilla marketing technique* - as it mixes the personal invite with a definite marketing message.

In this case, the marketing flavor of the Evite actually worked - it was well done and quite clever. The Evite is informative and really emphasizes the event (the grand opening) rather than just the business. Only as a footnote does it include If you can't join us this weekend, keep us in mind for all your bicycling needs! - which is more than reasonable.

I also like the that the Evite includes responses from people who said they were coming. These turn out to be little testimonials, bits of humor and encouragement - all good things to have associated with your business.

Hmmm, wonder if I could use Evite to do an online launch party for apps my customers release...

Oh, if you're a biker here's the info to attend - sounds like it'll be a great time:

ARROW Bicycle's
Grand Opening 
May 17th & 18th

10% off store wide (in stock items only), 
Prizes, and Great Times All Weekend Long!

Location:  ARROW bicycle
5108 Baltimore Ave., Hyattsville, MD 20781

*I doubt my friend thinks of this as marketing - that's just me putting my small business goggles on. Sorry Caron if I'm taking this evite too seriously.

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