Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Murphy's Law Strikes Again

Today, after a breakfast meeting, I hit Microcenter to pick up a
wireless keyboard. I bought the cheapest one they had ($20.00) as I
couldn't tell a difference between it and the more expensive models.

I get it home and had trouble getting it all to work. I finally read
the instructions and what do you know, it all sync'ed up great.

It's now 11:15am and I have a call starting any second. My client IMs
me and says: "ready to talk?"

Using my ultimate keyboard setup, I type back: "all st"

Huh? I then type "ys."


The "e" key is broken. ARGH!

That's what I get for cheaping out, I suppose.

Now it's back to Microcenter for another keyboard purchase. Murphy,
you're killing me here.


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