Sunday, May 04, 2008

Review: Endo Sushi

For years now, I've been driving by Endo Sushi (3000 Washington Blvd, Arlington, VA 22201, 703-243-7799) and been thinking, we really should try them. Well, a few weeks ago we did and last night we went back again.

It's official, we like and highly recommend them.

They do the standard sushi well that we normally enjoy, including Shira's typical favorite - Shitaki Mushroom Rolls. But they go beyond that with their stick-to-your ribs tempura fried rolls done up fancier than usual.

I had the smoked salmon tempura roll last night and was very impressed with it. Of course, it's deep fried lox - what's not to love?

Another area they surprised us with was with their side salad. It seems that a side salad in a Japanese restaurant usually consists of two pieces of lettuce, a slice of tomato and yummy ginger dressing. They kept the dressing, but changed the trend by delivering a surprisingly large (OK, normal size, really) salad. Not a huge deal, but yet another sign these guys are different.

Our first visit there, the service was awful. They put us in a remote corner (good) and then promptly forgot about us (bad). Last night's service wasn't great service, but it was totally passable.

The real down side of Endo Sushi is their lack of parking. Though, that didn't keep them from being quite busy last night. Besides, the walk back to the car helped me work off some of that deep fried goodness.

Looking for sushi in Arlington? Check them out.


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