Monday, October 06, 2008 - Making Economic Lemonade

Oy, times are tough. But, that doesn't mean you should throw in the towel. Nope, as E-junkie is showing, this is just the time to be innovative. In this case, they are being innovative not with technology, but with a marketing promotion. See what I mean:

Times are tough. Lay-offs are becoming as commonplace as mosquitos at dusk in the summertime. Our friends are getting fired for what appears to be no good reason at all.
Now is the time to take things into your own hands! Why not turn this into the opportunity to start your own online business?
We are offering you the opportunity to use our shopping cart for a year FREE, with no obligation whatsoever. Simply make a copy or a scan of your termination notice and send that to us, and we'll grant you a free subscription to the E-junkie shopping cart service for one year, at our basic $10 per month level.

There's a lot I like about this marketing move:

  • They've found a way to turn an economic downturn into a way to pick up new clients
  • They're showing they are human and care
  • They show that they truly believe in their product
  • They're saying and doing the unexpected

Well done.

I have a hunch that a promotion like this works especially well at a small business. I can just see the team sitting around a table talking about a friend who got laid off, and wondering what they could do about it. So they did something about it.

This offer seems like a TPE's dream. It's yet another way you can start up your business without gobs of (any?) cash.

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