Friday, October 24, 2008

Kinder Than Robo Calling, Though More Illegal

I mentioned that I thought McCain was on the right track with robocalling. Well, sort of. He should be thinking non-traditional-guerrilla tactics, he just shouldn't be spamming in the process. And while making these comments I mentioned that a low tech solution, with say stickers, could be just as powerful as a fancy schmancy SMS/Facebook application.

At least one Obama fan agrees with me. Check out their approach to raising Obama awareness:

Hyping Obama in the "battleground state" of North Carolina, BooneOakley has launched a guerrilla campaign. The agency printed decals of the Obama sunrise logo, each, at a diameter of 9.25 inches, sized perfectly to fit over the green circle in a stoplight sign. Of course, it's all supposed to mean "GObama."

Here's their handy work:

I'd like this approach even more if it wasn't (a) illegal and (b) potentially dangerous. But, hey, at least it's not spam!

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