Wednesday, October 29, 2008

This Power Outage Is Right On Time

They say there's never a power outage around when you need one. But the
one that just happened (and ironically was fixed as I started typing
this) was timed perfectly.

All of a sudden, all the distractions of e-mail, Facebook, The Daily
Show, and Web in general were off. All I had was my laptop and the
ability to write code. It was perfect.

Alas, power's now on and I have to immerse myself back into the world of
distractions. But for a few moments - there was real quiet around

Oh, and luckily I wasn't really cut off from the world - with my cell
phone I could still google the usage of the "abbr" tag, set my Facebook
status, and yes, Blog.

I wonder if a daily power outage would be a good practice to institute?


1 comment:

  1. heehee.. distractions... try having 3 monitors... I have one for work, one for email and one for distractions.... and now that netflix is starting to support mac (and hopefully soon linux) I'm expecting my productiveness to go way down... sometimes I disconnect the laptop form the screens and sit on the couch or balcony just to help reduce disctractions