Monday, October 06, 2008

Living in Virginia and Not Registered To Vote? Today Is Your Day

And Now For A Public Service Announcement...

Heads up: today is the last day to register to vote in Virginia.

So, print out the form, or hit your local library and pick one up there. Then either mail in the completed form, or drop it off at a local registration office.

Virginia makes this all especially easy. You don't need to show proof of residence, and the form even includes a line captioned:

If Rural Address or Homeless, please describe where you reside

You simply have no excuse for not registering.

Vote for whoever you want - just vote.

If you want to go the Web 2.0 route, you can try this site. It's offered by Barack Obama's campaign, and uses various databases (and a Web 2.0 look) to walk you through the process of registering to vote. Not sure if the McCain camp has one too.

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