Friday, October 17, 2008

Some Election Humor

It's Friday, lighten up with some humor from all sides. There's atually something wonderful about watching Obama and McCain rib each other. Well done on both their parts.


  1. Anonymous12:41 AM

    Thanks, Ben, I needed that! I just blogged about the presidential mudslinging campaign today, and actually have a follow-up post almost ready, in which I officially vow not to vote for either of these two candidates, mainly due to increasingly frequent (and always petty and sensationalistic) attack ads I've been seeing and hearing from both of them.

    These videos were a welcome change, and helped to calm me down a bit by showing me that they're both still human and are both capable of laughing (especially at themselves).

    I'm sure this momentary calmness will not last long, though, because they'll be back to bombarding me with their attack ads the next time I turn on my TV or radio. :(

  2. You're so right Dave - I'm disappointed that both of these candidates can run such sensational ad campaigns.

    And watching the the candidates laugh at themselves was remarkably effective medicine.