Sunday, October 12, 2008

Review: Savio's Restaurant

Shira and I have started up a little tradition: on Saturday night, we've been seeking out new restaurants to try out. Our sources for restaurant ideas include: The Onion's local pages, Washington Post's restaurant reviews and our Entertainment Book.

Last night, I was in the mood for Italian, so we gave Savio's Restaurant (, 516 S. Van Dorn St, Alexandria, VA - 703-212-9651) a try.

Our first impression, as we walked in, was a good one. The place seemed welcoming and busy. Though the crowd of 30+ high schoolers there for Homecoming was scary (turquoise taffeta was everywhere), I can hardly blame Savio's for this.

The food, overall, was very good. I got Pizza Bianca - a three cheese pizza and it delivered just what it promised. Shira's mushroom linguini was also good. The portion sizes were reasonable, not grotesque, but not leave-you-still-hungry either.

The bruschetta was a real hit. It was different than most bruschetta we've had, in that a heaping pile of veggies was served over what almost seemed like fried dough/bread. I'm quite certain it was bad for us, and quite good tasting.

Our only complaint was with the service. It was a bit slow. Perhaps if they had gotten to us quicker, once we sat down, we'd have a different perspective on this.

Even with the mediocre service, I'd still go back again. The food was delicious, the ambiance nice and I'm willing to assume the service was a fluke.

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