Friday, December 10, 2010

Belize Adventure - Day 1

Our flights to Belize were fairly uneventful. So was Customs in Belize and the rental car desk. In fact, if anything, the whole arrival was almost too calm. I'm used to arriving in a foreign country and being swarmed by taxis and other people all trying to help you out. Not in Belize, it was one calm experience.

We immediately made our way out of Belize City (not really seeing anythying city like) and started up the Northern Highway to Lamanai Outpost Lodge - where we planned to spend the first half of our trip.

Calling the Northern Highway a Highway is probably being a bit too generous. Yes, it's 55mph, but there are no painted lines of any kind, and then every few miles there are speed bumps. Yes, speed bumps.

The scenery along the road was gorgeous - everything was so green and the sky was a perfect blue and filled with puffy white clouds. Every once in a while we'd pass a building and I'd wonder if it was a home or business, abanonded, or being built, or just in a state of disrepair.

As promised by the guidebook, about 3/4 of the way into the drive we came across a Mennonite Community. I have to say, it was a surreal experience to suddenly see families in horse and buggies, all dressed in plaid shirts or dresses and wonderful hats. I felt more like we were in Pennsylvania among the Amish, than thousands of miles away in a foreign country.

After leaving the Northern Highway, the road got rougher and rougher till it was not much more than gravel covered pot holes. Now I see why Hertz only rents you 4 wheel drive vehicles.

Finally, we reached the lodge and started getting settled for the night. The particular little building we are staying in is quite comfy, feeling rustic enough for my tastes, yet upscale enough for Shira. Having no TV and no telphone help to set the stage for the kind of trip we were planning.

We had the first of many meals provided by the lodge, and it was quite good. They were more than glad to meet our vegetarian meal request.

Then it was off to bed, realizing just how exhausted we were from a day of traveling.

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