Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Belize Adventure - Day 6

Whooo! Our little guy slept the night!! Since we got here, he hasn't been feeling anywhere near 100%. During the previous nights of the trip he was massively congested and getting up every few hours. But not so last night - he slept from 7pm till 5:45 am. What a victory.

Our first official activity of the day was a visit to the Green Hills Butterfly farm. For $10, they'll take you into a screened in house filled with thousands of butterflies and give you an education as to how they raise them and what the different types they house. They sure are magnificent creatures.

We then made our way into the Pine Ridge Nature reserve. We made it as far as Rio Frio Cave. Caving is a big deal in Belize, and it's something we'd probably have done more of if we didn't have a 16 month old along for the ride. The Rio Frio Cave turned out to be the perfect way to get a little dose of caving and do it in a family friendly way. The cave is gigantic, which means there's no claustrophobia concerns. And it has an opening at both ends of the cave, which means it never gets 100% dark. Like I said, it's a cave for the whole family.

We also did some hiking and visited the Rio Frio pools - a site which was beautiful in and of itself.

Oh, and here's a tip - the Fodors book says that the 1000Ft Falls is relatively close to the Rio Frio Pools. The turn off to the falls is, but the actual falls is about 15 miles away. This doesn't sound so bad, but on Belize's rutted dirt roads, this is quite a schlep. We weren't committed enough to see the falls to make the journey.

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