Wednesday, December 22, 2010

It's Never Too Early To Teach Children How To Change The World

While reading Three Cups of Tea, I proudly noted to myself that not only had I heard of Mortenson's home town of Bozeman Montana, but I even had a friend who lived there. Tonight, we saw that friend and he generously gave us a signed copy of Listen to the Wind - the children's version of the Three Cups of Tea story.

Shira read it aloud to our 16 month old and myself, and while I'm not sure he followed every word of it (if only it included more about bananas, yogurt and airplanes - some of his favorite words of late. Alas, it didn't), I certainly enjoyed it. The story imparts wonderful lessons about the power of an individual to help others and the universal nature of education. Heck, the lesson that a Muslim Cleric can be a force for good is probably something many American adults need to learn.

The book even points kids to a charity that they can get involved in pennies for peace - where they can learn that something as simple as collecting up apparently worthless pennies can be a force for good.

Sure is nice to know that you don't have to be grown up to start making a difference.

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