Friday, December 03, 2010

Phone Friday: Putting Retro Camera to Use

Last Friday I mentioned the Retro Camera app and how it looked like it would be a fun one. Today, I had a client in DC to visit, and on the way back figured I'd put the camera app to use.

This app is awesome! I tried a few different approaches to snapping photos: (1) the usual deliberate method of picking an interesting subject and lining up the shot, (2) taking surreptitious photos by not having the camera up at my eye and just winging it and (3) picking an intentionally boring subject (like an elevator warning sign) and just relying on the retro look to make it interesting. Other added constraints: I was in a hurry and it was bitter cold outside.

I think all three approaches worked pretty well - with my best results coming from method #2.

You really can't miss when you're using this app. I've got to say, it's a really fun way to experience the joy of photography in a fresh way. And when I think of the alternative of buying a retro camera, feeding it film and then getting the film developed I appreciate just what a money saver this app is.

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