Friday, December 10, 2010

Phone Friday: Pastedroid as ultra-lightweight publishing tool

I really like They allow you to easily publish information (usually, code) so that others can access it via unique URL. The site has some cool features, such as keeping your data around forever or expiring it.

During a recent visit to the site, I noticed they are now offering Pastedroid an Android app for quickly generating Pastebin entries.

The app is setup much like you would expect to be: you can publish content, set various options (such as the subdomain to publish on) and review the past links you've published.

The result is a cool tool that could be used for publishing snippets of information with almost zero effort. Just enter the data, and Paste. Every bit of information gets it's own unique URL and is safely archived forever. By organizing your content into a subdomain, you can keep all your data together.

It's definitely worth experimenting with.

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