Monday, December 20, 2010

Traveling with the Samsung N150 Netbook

One of main reasons I purchased a Netbook was for travel. I loved the idea of having a laptop with me for fixing issues or blogging, yet that was extra small so it didn't add to the stuff I was schlepping.

I just got back from a trip where I had a chance to test these assumptions.

Turns out, I definitely made the right call. The Samsung N150 totally performed as expected.

For most of the trip, we didn't have reliable WiFi, so the N150 just sat in its sleeve. It was small enough, that it didn't take up much real estate while packing. And also, not valuable enough, that I had worries it was going to be taken from the rooms we were staying at (though, we stayed at small resorts, where I'm sure theft is very rare).

I had a few occasions to do some writing for blogging purposes, and the laptop worked great for this.

Mid way through the trip, I finally needed the Samsung to actually work. I used Skype to chat with folks back in the states about a medical issue (everyone's fine, now, thanks) and I used subversion/sitecopy to grab files, and deploy them to fix a client's broken site.

While I wouldn't want the N150 to be my everyday laptop, it definitely worked great as "I don't think I'll need a laptop, but better bring one just in case" option.

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