Sunday, December 12, 2010

Belize Adventure - Day 3

Today we tackled what we actually came to Lamanai to see: the Lamanai Mayan Ruins. We took a short boat ride to the park containing the ruins and started our guided tour there.

About all I remembered from my social studies class about the Mayans was that they were into the sacrifice thing. And turns out, that's quite true. In fact, our guide (who apparently has Mayan roots) said that the Mayans were actually quite an aggresive people, and didn't mind war or bloodshead per se.

Well, when they weren't at war or sacarficing something, they seemed to be building stuff. Because, wow, the ruins are impressive. You can actually get quite upclose to most of the buildings, climbing the impressive looking steps to their summits. In fact, our little one got to practice that word a lot: steps he would say in a surprisingly clear fashion.

I doubt the pictures do the place justice - it was just an amazing site to see. The ambiance is also perfect because in the jungle, out of sight, are howler monkeys doing their thing. They sound like some sort of large predator - certainly not something I would want to mess with. We did see one monkey sleeping up high in a tree - and as you can imagine, they look a lot cuter then they sound.

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