Monday, December 13, 2010

Belize Adventure - Day 4

Most of today was spent getting from Northern Belize to Western Belize - about 10 miles or so small shacks, or homes that looked they should be condemned were quite prevalent along the way. Even the capital city of Belmopan was hardly impressive, lacking any kind of polish that we could see. Though, we did get some terrific pizza there - so that's at least one redeeming quality.

One highlight of our trip through Belize was a stop at the Belize Zoo. It claims to hold the title as the best little zoo in the world. And the fact is, it really was very nice. Our little one is now at an age where he can start to appreciate the animals - excitedly repeating "cat, cat" when we saw an ocelot. The zoo did look in surprising disrepair in some places. Apparently, that's due to Hurricane Richard who came through a few months ago and did major damage to parks in the area.

Mystic River Resort, where we ended up that night, was a real gem. Our little cottage is more polished than in Lamanai, and dinner from the restaurant was quite delicious.

Each room has a fireplace, and the evening was cool enough that I went ahead and started a fire. I'm embarrassed to say how many matches it took to get the sucker started. Our little one learned a variety of new terms with regard to the fire: "Hot," "owie," and "not cool" - which was he was glad to repeat. Of course, they mean nothing to him, so he says these words as he approaches the fireplace anyway.

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