Monday, March 19, 2012

Hacking Homelessness

There's something I find hopeful and appealing about these mostly outrageous homeless shelter ideas. For example, consider the WheelLY Recycled Homeless Shelter:

Portable and temporary, this unusual-looking design by Italian firm Zo-Loft provides a safe storage space for one’s belongings during the day, and expands into a tent at night. The ‘WheelLY’ is made of a rolling aluminum frame fitted with two polyester tents made of recyclable or recycled materials. The rolling design enables it to hold up to 250 pounds of personal items, and the push-handle also functions as a brake.

The ideas seem far from practical, but I so like the exercise in novel thinking. I also appreciate spending time on a population that is so often invisible.

Check out all the concepts here.

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