Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Instant Steganography

RedTeams has a wonderful post talking about how to do some quick steganography from the command line:

Step 1

Create a file with the data you want. You can use Jason’s trick to create an encrypted file.

Step 2

Compress it using RAR. Copy the RAR archive into the same directory as the jpg image.

Step 3

Open a terminal and type:

cat image.jpg archive.rar > newimage.jpg

The result is another jpg image. If you open newimage.jpg it will display the image, however if you try to unrar newimage.jpg RAR will extract the contents of the RAR archive you just appended to the image.

Not exactly secure - but definitely clever and fun. And just like Rot13 "encryption" has its place, so does a simple technique like this.

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