Monday, March 05, 2012

Hamentaschen in One Picture

Here you go, Hamantaschen creation, in one picture:

Hamantaschen in one Picture

Two secrets to making Hamantaschen:

  • Get a Baking Mat. For years, we'd wrestle with wax paper to roll the doll out on. Of course, the way paper never stayed in one place and made the whole experience a battle. The silicone baking mat takes away all that fuss. Sure, at the time it's seemed ridiculously priced for what it is, but I'm now more than sold on it and think it was a brilliant purchase.
  • Listen to Pandora. My primary job in the hamantaschen making process is to keep the tunes coming. The thing about hamantaschen is that you take a chunk of dough, roll it out, cut out the appropriate circles and then separate the trimmings, putting them back in the bowl to be rolled into the next batch. Thing is, this process seems to deny the laws of physics, where the trimmings always seem greater than the dough actually used. The result, the process seems to take forever. With the right music blasting, you'll never notice.

Of course, the results are totally worth the effort - yum!

Kudos to - the site had no problem taking 60+ images to create the GIF above. All I had to do was select the whole directory of files, and I was good to go.

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