Wednesday, March 07, 2012

A Shameless Plug: Help Libre Clothing Get On The Shelves of Walmart

Full disclosure: Libre Clothing is one of my customers, so I'm hardly a unbiased source. Still, I absolutely love what they do and will gladly speak up for them whenever I can.

Libre Clothing makes clothing for individuals undergoing dialysis or chemotherapy treatments. The idea is wonderfully simple: they sell clothes that are nice and comfy, and also happen to include zipper access to specific treatment sites. Here, I'll let them explain:

Libre provides comfortable, warm clothing solutions for patients undergoing chemotherapy, dialysis, or other types of infusions. Our styles feature discreet openings in the arms, chest, or legs to safely access treatment sites while keeping the patient warm. Traditionally, patients would have to cut holes in old sweaters or remove articles of clothing to safely receive treatment. Now, patients can simply unzip for treatment then zip up and go about their day.

The cool news is that they've got an entry on, which apparently is program offered by Walmart to allow the public to vote certain products into their stores. I know I was more than glad to vote for them (all it took was texting 5143 to 383838), and personally, I think you should too.

So, head over to this page and cast your vote today. And put something on the shelves of Walmart which will genuinely be a good thing.

What the heck, here's a video too.

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